Linnea – comfortable elegance for the dinner table

Hackman’s new range of cutlery, Linnea, looks back in a fresh way. Inspired by the traditions of everyday Finnish cutlery, Linnea carries hints from its heritage, adding modern thinking with precision in design details and comfort. This festive cutlery is not scared of everyday dining.

When given a brief to create traditional cutlery to complement Hackman’s classics – Savonia, Carelia and Lion – Swedish designer Jens Fager was taken aback for a moment. “I am not a traditional guy and the new cutlery felt like quite a challenge. Cutlery has been designed so many times and the amount of room to play with the design details of these essential hand tools is quite marginal. Surprisingly, after researching the Finnish cutlery tradition, the leading thought became clear quite easily and started to develop in a direction that offers something new.”

The leading thought – a knob between the handle and the upper part – is a design reference to the old Sorsakoski and Fiskars cutlery, which had a similar knob-like joint. The cutlery tradition can also be seen in the classic nest shape of the spoon, the long spikes of the fork and the very comfortable feel of the cutlery. Linnea almost feels like an extension of your hand, which is the result of a lot of work on the fine details of the design.

Functionality is a key value for Fager, who also has a background as a chef. “All tools in the kitchen simply must work – this is the utmost priority. The same goes for cutlery and plates – they should not draw attention away from the food and the company, the dining moment. Cutlery needs to feel natural and balanced in your hand. We achieved this by focusing on the details and working long hours to make sure every small detail is just right,” Fager says.

The soft ends and the curves of the handles make the sturdy cutlery land easily on the palm, the knob brings balance and a sturdy element to press your fingers against, the spoon and fork hold the food well and fit nicely in your mouth. The knob also functions as special and handy feature: the knife blade does not touch the table and make a stain when placed flat as the knob holds the blade up.

The cutlery consists of the basic dining items: a teaspoon, a dinner spoon, a dinner fork and a dinner knife. A distinctive salad set complements the range.

Linnea complements Hackman’s highly functional design classics by bringing a new aesthetic to the range. The elegant and calm cutlery is a perfect partner for all dinners at home. The design matches festive dinner sets when the table is set with the best tableware and glasses at home. At the same time, the easy-going feel and perfect functionality make Linnea a range of cutlery that you just want to pick out of the drawer, any day of the week.

Jens Fager

A graduate of the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Jens Fager (b. 1979) has made an impact on the international design scene with his exhibitions in Tokyo, London, Milan, Toronto and Stockholm. The core of his design philosophy is to treat every single product in an honest way and to identify its primary function in order to achieve a sense of simplicity. A sense of humor, surrealism and poetry can be found in Fager’s work. Fager works with a wide range of products from architectural and interior projects to an array of objects.

 “Everything is about everyday life and our essential needs for daily experiences. My assignment as a designer is to try and make this world a bit more functional, efficient and beautiful with less impact on nature,” the designer declares. Fager works with his team in his own studio in Ängelholm in southern Sweden. I always try to listen to the heart when we start up a new project or collaborative venture. If there is a personal drive and passion we can start to challenge manufacturers and production in the industry. Together we can achieve something better, more fun and a product we’re in need of.”