Product safety

Product safety
Safe and officially approved non-stick coatings

All non-stick coatings used by Hackman are officially approved for use in the European Union. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other public health authorities throughout the world have also determined that these coatings are suitable for normal use at home. Hackman requires all suppliers to provide a materials safety certificate issued by an impartial external research institution.

Only coatings of the very highest quality are used in Hackman products. Our current coatings are the polymer-based Hardtec and Hardtec Superior, and the ceramic Ceratec°.

Avoid overheating

The most important thing to remember when using non-stick coated items is not to overheat them. Normal frying temperatures do not exceed about 200 °C. Non-stick surfaces are entirely safe at this temperature, with no adverse health effects.

Studies have indicated that non-stick coatings only begin to release hazardous fumes when the pan temperature exceeds 400 °C, long after any food in the pan has already become inedible.

The danger of overheating non-stick surfaces is greatest on induction hobs, and so Hackman has developed a new and innovative Non-Overheatable NOH-technology. This prevents frying pans from reaching a temperature of more than 230 °C on an induction hob and there is then no risk of causing damage to the non-stick coating by overheating.

Follow the guidelines for use and care

All Hackman products include clear guidelines for use and care in several languages. These guidelines ensure optimal satisfaction and benefit from safe use of the product.